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VECTTOR Victories!

Since June 2018 she has been living a completely normal life and every time she has a CRPS pain she runs the machine and in 2 days everything is back to normal. Thanks Vecttor machine and thanks Dr Rhodes who is always ready to answer and help with new protocols!!! We thank him so much!!!!

Robert Rose, Product Designer

Alexa Young, CA

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My son has been to see Dr. Rhodes. He has been in remission twice. My son was 15 and 18 so he’s very young which seems to be on his side. This last time was from a work injury. His entire arm and hand were paralyzed for over 5 months. Drs wanted to do surgery so we took the trip to see Dr Rhodes first. I have videos on the amazing results. He was throwing a ball on day two.  Side note: when my son was 15 he had full body CRPS, including his face. He felt his life was over at 15. By the first  Friday with Dr. Rhodes he was a new kid-his world  was handed back to him.

S. A. 

My daughter’s life has changed dramatically. She went from feeling pain by the wind to working out, lifting weights, working on her feet 35 hours a week and getting her life back


I am Pain free, medication free and have my life back 4 years strong
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