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New Patient Information 

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the VECTTOR Therapy System. Our clinic has been helping patients with chronic pain such as CRPS since 1992. 


In 2011, we received clearance from the FDA so that we could provide our  patients with the ability to continue to treat their pain conditions in the comfort of their own home.


The first step to becoming a new patient is to request a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Rhodes. This will give you an opporunity to discuss your personal situation; as well as a chance for you to ask any questions that you might have.

Becoming a New Patient 

Typically our patients are in the clinic Monday through Friday, so it's best to plan to arrive on Sunday and depart late Friday afternoon, or Saturday. 

Following is an outline of what most patients experience. Ocassionally, more complex cases will need to stay longer, but this will be discusssed during your consultation. 

Day One 

Plan to spend 4-5 hours at our clinic on day 1. Your first day will consist of both testing (nothing painful!) and treatment. You will be instructed on how to run the VECTTOR Therapy System. There will be plenty of time to answer any questions you might have,  and you will be given instructions on how to run treatments back at your place of lodging. If you should run into any problems, you will be able to reach us by cell phone at any time.

Days 2-4 

Day 2-4 your visits will be much shorter, typically less than 2 hours. Dr. Rhodes will review the data from your previously administered treatments and decide what treatment protocols are working best for you. 

Day 5 

Dr. Rhodes will repeat some of the testing done on Day 1 to compare your progress. He will explain the results to you and take time to answer all of your questions. By the time you leave on Day 5, you will be very familiar with how to use the system and will be able to return home to continue therapy. The system is designed to analyze data from your treatments to prompt you when it's time to request a new treatment protocol. This is very easily done in our online patient portal, and and if you need additional support, we are always just a phone call or email away.


Your treatment doesn't end when you leave our clinic. You will continue to run VECTTOR Therapy at home. If you feel you aren't improving, you can always email Dr. Rhodes to have him review your progress and altar your protocols. 

Planning Your Visit 

It is important to us that your stay here is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Please use this guide for recommedations for lodging and dining. If you have any questions about planning, please reach out. We are happy to assist you however we can.

Our Promise to You 


We understant that committing to VECTTOR Therapy is a major decision. For that reason we offer all patients the opportunity to evalauate the therapy during their week of treatment in our clinic. 

At the end of the week, if you do not feel that you are beniffting from VECTTOR Therapy, you may return the unit and we will refund the cost of the unit, minus 10%. 

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