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The VECTTOR Therapy System 

What is VECTTOR Therapy?


VECTTOR treatments are a form of electro-stimulation based upon acupuncture, physiology, cellular physiology, and anatomy designed to stimulate the nerves to produce certain neuropeptides essential for optimal functioning of the body. These neuropeptides are vital for increasing circulation to the skin, bones nerves, muscles, and for reducing oxidative stress. The VECTTOR system is designed to read feedback from the body via skin surface temperatures, throughout the treatment process.

While the testing phase of treatment is running, VECTTOR is constantly monitoring the skin surface temperature looking for an increase in temperature indicating an increase in circulation. VECTTOR runs through a series of frequencies, looking for an increase in skin surface temperature of at least 1 degree Fahrenheit. Once VECTTOR determines which of the various frequencies created the best response, it will automatically run that frequency for the duration of the treatment.

At the conclusion of each session, if an adequate skin surface temperature was not obtained, VECTTOR will prompt the user to request a new treatment protocol. This ensures that the user is optimizing each treatment by only contuining with protocols that are eliciting a sufficient response.


Requesting new protocols is easily done through our patient portal, which is avialable 24/7 on our website. 

Our Promise to You


We understant that committing to VECTTOR Therapy is a major decision. For that reason we offer all patients the opportunity to evaluate the therapy during their week of treatment in our clinic. 

At the end of the week, if you do not feel that you are benefiting from VECTTOR Therapy, you may return the unit and we will refund the cost of the unit, minus 10%. 

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