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Our Most "Frequent" Frequently Asked Question

Updated: May 11, 2023

One of the most common questions I receive is, “Why is it necessary to travel to Houston? Can’t my own doctor prescribe VECTTOR Therapy?”

The answer is a bit complicated. You see, because VECTTOR Therapy has been cleared by the FDA, your physician could legally prescribe the VECTTOR unit. And for a brief time, we tried that approach. Unfortunately, we just didn’t see the same results that we get in our clinic, and the majority of those who were remotely prescribed VECTTOR Therapy, ultimately ended up traveling to our clinic anyway.

Day one in our clinic involves extensive (painless) testing to determine which nerves are involved in your specific condition, and to what extent they are affected. This is crucial information needed to determine many aspects of my approach to your treatment including starting protocols and intensity levels, among other things.

Subsequent days in the clinic involve further testing to monitor your progress. Each day, I will also review the data collected by your VECTTOR unit. All of this information will allow me to evaluate exactly how you are responding to the various aspects of your treatment, and to make adjustments accordingly.

I only schedule one patient at a time, so rest assured that you will have my full attention during your office visits. Throughout your stay you will be properly trained on using the system, and we will have plenty of time each day to review your testing and progress, and to answer any questions you have along the way.

After several (typically 5) days of monitoring your individual response to the treatments, you will return home with a treatment plan, including protocols uniquely prescribed for your situation.

The time in our clinic gives me the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of your particular situation and medical history, and will allow me to continue to monitor and manage your protocols, once you return home.

I am hopeful that someday AI will advance to the point that travel to our clinic will no longer be necessary, but for now, this is the best way to ensure that my patients receive the optimum level of response to VECTTOR Therapy.

In good health and healing,


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