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I've been running VECTTOR for a few days, but I'm still not seeing improvement. What should I do? 

After the first week or two, if you are consistently running the treatments but still feel that you are not responding we recommend following these steps, even if VECTTOR is indicating that your temperature increases are adequate:

  1. Run VECTTOR Therapy according to schedule: We recommend two treatments, twice daily, for at least the first 30 days. After 30 days, you may try to drop back to one set of treatments in the morning or the evening, or split the treatments and do lower body in the morning and upper body in the evenings. * If you are unable to fit in both sets of treatments during the first 30 days, try to make sure that you do upper and lower treatments in the evening. If you must omit a treatment, omit the upper body in the morning.

  2. Check electrodes: The entire surface of the electrode must be "sticky" in order to ensure proper distribution of the treatment stimulation. Electrodes available through our website were carefully selected because they give the most consistent current density throughout the electrode.

  3. Check Thermistors: If the thermistors are too tight they will restrict the blood flow to the fingers, so even if there is a good increase, it won't register. This doesn't seem to have much to do with the size of the fingers. Some people with very small fingers may find the thermistors too tight, while others with large fingers will not. If you suspect this could be an issue, try putting the thermistors on the little finger and see if that makes a difference. If this is the problem it could just be that VECTTOR isn't getting the feedback needed to select the best beat frequency.

  4. Increase intensity: If you do not seem to be responding at the original intensity level of 5, you may move the intensity up by 1 each treatment, up to a max of 10. Running the treatment higher than 10 is not harmful, but is not necessary either.

  5. Make sure you are running the correct protocols: If you are experiencing any other symptoms you will need to request a new protocol that addresses these symptoms. A cold, flu, pain anywhere in the body, headache, menstrual cramps, and constipation are all examples of symptoms that will alter VECTTOR’s choice of protocols. If you are experiencing any of these or any other symptom listed in the protocol request system, it is important to indicate this when requesting protocols. Remember, once the symptom(s) is resolved, you may go back in and “uncheck” the symptom to retrieve your normal protocols.

  6. Request New Protocols: If VECTTOR is indicating that you are getting good temperature increases, but you still do not feel that you are responding to the treatments, you may log in to the system and request new protocols. If your symptoms are primarily upper body, request new upper body protocols. If your symptoms are primarily lower body, request new lower body protocols. If your symptoms are not specific to either part of the body, request both upper and lower protocols.

  7. Contact Us: If, after trying all of the above, you still do not feel that you are responding, please contact us at We will ask you a few questions about your symptoms and will use this information to alter your protocols in the system to more specifically address your situation.

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